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The development of domestic testing machine industry

The development of domestic testing machine industry

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The domestic testing machine industry has been developing for more than half a century. During this period, companies in the testing machine industry continue to upgrade their technology and gradually mature. In recent years, testing machine equipment has become one of the indispensable equipment in the development of China's testing industry. Driven by economic development, the domestic testing machine industry has also significantly increased the scale of the industry, and corporate competitors are also constantly The increase has prompted China's testing machine companies to achieve a greater technological leap.
However, due to the increasing demand for domestic testing machine equipment, many business people have joined the competition in the testing machine industry, but there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises in the entire market, and some companies do not have the ability to independently develop equipment , And there is no complete production line and unified management. By imitating the products and equipment of other enterprises, they can sell them at low prices and profit from them.
Such production and sales methods are harmful to the development of the entire domestic testing machine market. The low price is certainly one of the ways to increase sales, but the quality cannot keep up, and the technical level cannot meet the national standards. Machine equipment cannot be put into market use. These companies have grasped the general "greedy for cheap" psychology of consumers, and without the support of high-tech products, they have shown an irregular development model and severely undermined the balance of my country's testing machine market.
To sum up, the current development status of the domestic testing machine industry is not optimistic. A small number of companies are confused and do not have the innovative awareness of independent research and development of equipment. Instead, they want to maintain the operation of the company through a "price war". Long-term development.
Facing the development status of domestic testing machine equipment, China's testing machine enterprises are facing greater development pressure. In fact, the prospects of the testing machine industry are considerable. The key is whether the industry enterprises can seize this development opportunity and increase the speed of product upgrading as soon as possible. Get rid of foreign monopolies, strive to build independent brands, look for breakthroughs in the development of the industry, and promote the development of the industry.
If my country's testing machine industry is to achieve sound development, it must focus on technological innovation and master key technologies in the future. In the future, the test objects of the test machine will expand from materials and parts to complete machines, vehicles, systems, major facilities and various engineering projects. The company's central laboratory, quality inspection department, production site, and project construction site will also gradually use testing machines. Continuous, real-time, and automated experiments have become a trend, and experimental theory will continue to improve to guide technological innovation. In the future, modularization, serialization, sharing, specialization, specialization, automation, intelligence, and networking will develop testing machines in multiple directions, which will become the mainstream trend of testing machine development.