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The European International Machine Tool Show will be held in Shanghai for the first time in 2014

The European International Machine Tool Show will be held in Shanghai for the first time in 2014

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"The European International Machine Tool Show (EMO) is held in Europe every single year. Starting in 2014, we will hold the European Machine Tool Show and Shanghai International Machine Tool Show (EMTE-EASTPO, hereinafter referred to as the'joint exhibition') in China every two years. ", Mr. Philip, Director-General of the Joint Committee of the European Machine Tool Industry (CECIMO), said in an interview with a reporter from China Industry News in Beijing in April.
Strong Chinese market
Talking about the original intention of the European Machine Tool Industry Joint Committee (CECIMO) and Shanghai Dongbo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (EASTPO), Philip said that China is the most important export market for European machine tool manufacturers. The importance of the Chinese market is one of the important reasons for the cooperation between the two parties.
In 2012, the European machine tool industry achieved steady growth. CECIMO members' machine tool output increased by 6% to 22.3 billion euros. At the same time, exports also reached the best level in history, at 18.7 billion euros. In 2012, CECIMO member exports to Asia reached 5.4 billion euros, an increase of 11%. The Asian market accounts for about 29%, ranking second. Among them, exports to China exceeded 3.6 billion euros, reaching 20% ​​of CECIMO's total exports, setting a record high. Compared with the export volume of 3.3 billion Euros to China in 2011, this represents an increase of 12%. This shows that in 2012, one out of every three machine tool products imported into China came from CECIMO member states.
Mr. Philip is optimistic about the future demand of China's machine tool market. He introduced that CECIMO predicts that after 2013, the demand for machine tools in Asia will show a dynamic growth trend: in the next four years, demand in Asia will grow by 10%, while China will grow at an average annual rate of 12%. For several years, China has been the main force in the world's machine tool consumption. In 2011, its consumption accounted for 44% of the world's total machine tool production. This data is expected to rise to 49% by 2016. CECIMO believes that China's booming manufacturing industry has led to a continuous increase in demand for machine tool products, especially in high-end machine tools.
For European machine tool manufacturers that have maintained a leading position, China is undoubtedly their focus and interest in the market. Therefore, helping CECIMO members to strengthen the expansion of the Chinese market and find Chinese partners is an important task that CECIMO has faced in recent years.
mainly plays the "International Standard" card
Facing the various exhibitions in the machine tool industry in China, Mr. Philip also admitted that there are indeed many exhibitions in China, and some of them are of high quality.
"For exhibitors and visitors, it is very important to participate in an international standard exhibition," Mr. Philip said, "Therefore, we must provide them with such standards and references: to allow visitors to see all the latest global Technology and development trends. At the same time, we will also ensure that exhibitors get help from European partners in the exhibition area. We will organize the exhibition at a professional level based on the experience of European exhibitions, including the implementation of strict exhibitor standards Enter the system, and set up partitions according to product types, invite professional audiences, organize special meetings, etc."
International standards are undoubtedly a major feature that distinguishes the 2014 joint exhibition from similar exhibitions in China. Mr. Philip said that the exhibitors and visitors of this exhibition will implement the quality standards of EMO Europe. The joint exhibition received the exclusive support of CECIMO and passed the quality audit of CECIMO, which firstly conformed to international standards in terms of certification quality.
Secondly, this exhibition will follow the tradition of major European exhibitions and formulate strict exhibitor admission criteria. The organizer will ensure that the manufacturer's intellectual property rights are not infringed, and plan the exhibition area according to product categories.
Chinese exhibitors will be the main beneficiaries of this joint exhibition. Chinese businessmen will not only experience the way of organizing exhibitions in Europe, but also recognize the quality standards of European exhibitions, which will prepare Chinese companies for participating in EMO Europe. In addition, Chinese exhibitors participating in this exhibition will also be among the world's well-known machine tool suppliers.
Professionalism is another major feature of the joint exhibition. There are three partners in this exhibition, in addition to CECIMO and Shanghai Dongbo Cultural Development Co., Ltd., there is also Singapore's MPO Pte Ltd. MPO Private Co., Ltd. has successfully promoted the cooperation between the well-known European international textile machinery exhibition and the domestic exhibition in China, and organized the "Asian Textile Machinery Exhibition". At the 2014 joint exhibition, the specific division of labor of the three parties is that CECIMO is mainly responsible for the promotion of the entire Europe and the exhibitor organization Dongbo is responsible for the entire China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions). MPO is responsible for the regions other than Europe and Greater China.
It is reported that all the preparatory work for the joint exhibition's main organizer has progressed smoothly, and the CECIMO team responsible for organizing the exhibition in Europe has already been established, all composed of professionals. "For exhibitors, it is important to meet customers who are suitable for them, that is, those who have decision-making capabilities and true professionals. CECIMO held an exhibition in Shanghai with its partners to provide an international level trading environment", Philip Mr. is full of confidence in the joint exhibition.
Radiation Asia
"The positioning of the 2014 exhibition is an international exhibition centered on Shanghai and oriented to Asian users. At the same time, the exhibition also strives to meet the local demand for global machine tool products," said Mr. Philip.
As the organizer of EMO, the world's largest metal processing trade fair, CECIMO has accumulated rich experience since it held the exhibition in 1951. However, EMO’s exhibition venue has always been in Europe. This time their cooperation with Shanghai Dongbo Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the first time EMO has entered Asia. "Through holding the machine tool exhibition in Asia, I hope to establish a stronger foothold in Asia, so that its member companies and all exhibitors can occupy a larger market share in the emerging economy as much as possible," said Mr. Philip. This exhibition will also become Asia's leading trade event and reach the goal of covering Asian needs.
CECIMO obviously has a clear understanding of the Asian market. Mr. Philip said that in recent years, the demand for machine tools in Asia has shown a strong growth momentum. China, South Korea, Japan, India, and Taiwan account for 65% of global machine tool consumption, and they hope to buy more from Europe machine tool. Among them, China purchased the most imported machine tools, with a purchase amount of 28.1 billion euros, accounting for 45% of world consumption. The move of the EMO organizer to Shanghai is also in line with this shift in the global machine tool consumer market. The EMO sponsor’s march towards Asia, especially towards China, is also in line with the march of European machine tool manufacturers.
It is reported that there will be 9 pavilions planned for the 2014 Shanghai Exhibition. A conservative estimate is that there will be a net exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters and 1,200 high-quality exhibitors. The exhibition is supported by 15 members of CECIMO's associations, including French Manufacturing Technology Association, German Machine Tool Association, Italian Machine Tool, Robot and Automation System Manufacturers Association, etc. There will be 40% of exhibitors from Europe. In terms of professional buyer organization, the organizer will integrate the professional audience resources of CECIMO, EASTPO and MPO, and through large-scale global publicity and promotion, organize user industry forums and summits, and invite key user industries and user industries one-on-one Concentrate on road shows and start work through online business channels and other channels. At present, the exhibitor registration activity has been officially launched on April 22, 2013, and the deadline for registration on January 15, 2014.
The exhibition site will present new technologies, new products, new services and on-site displays according to international practices and product divisions. Divided into 7 categories, including "machine tool precision tool welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-speed profiling and other mechanical parts and accessories production automation, robot measurement and quality assurance related services", hundreds of seeds category products to facilitate professional purchase The home and the audience focused on watching the copy and comparing purchases.
"We have no intention of establishing a new brand, so we are committed to finding excellent local partners. We finally chose Dongbo, because Dongbo has held a professional machine tool exhibition in Shanghai for 15 years. Together, we can make global machine tool manufacturers more Close to the right real users", Mr. Philip is very optimistic about the cooperation with Dongbo.