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3D printing technology and CNC machine tool technology

3D printing technology and CNC machine tool technology

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At present, 3D printing technology has become a very popular search term. Although it is still in its infancy at present, the market for 3D printing technology has already seen a promising future. It is predicted that by 2015, its market size will reach 3.7 billion US dollars.
3D printing technology, as a rookie force in the manufacturing industry, is a revolutionary new manufacturing technology. It changes the processing mode of production by cutting and assembling raw materials, and realizes manufacturing anytime, anywhere, and according to different needs.
Since the launch of 3D printing technology, there have been constant scandals. Many people in the industry believe that it will subvert the traditional manufacturing mode of production. Some even predict that 3D printing technology will replace the current CNC machine tools in the near future.
Indeed, as an emerging force, 3D printing technology has advantages that current CNC machine tools cannot match. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. In theory, as long as it is a shape that can be designed by a computer, a 3D printer can print it out. Consumers can simply download the design drawing and print out whatever they want in a few hours, satisfying people's needs. Individual needs;
2. Since the 3D printing technology adopts the processing method of adding materials, compared with the subtractive processing of CNC machine tools, the waste of raw materials is avoided. When processing the same thing, its materials are only 1/3 to 1/ 2. This reduces the cost of processing materials;
The manufacturing speed of 3.3D printers is very fast, nearly 3~4 times faster than CNC machine tools, especially when printing complex shapes, this advantage is more obvious.
However, 3D printing technology is not a magic box, and there are some unsatisfactory places. Its shortcomings only need to be manifested in the following aspects:
1. At present, due to the difficult research and development of additive manufacturing materials, the manufacturing cost of 3D printing is relatively high, generally reaching 10-100 yuan per gram;
2. The manufacturing efficiency is not high, especially in the aspect of metal material forming, about 100-3000 grams per hour.
3. In the current situation, 3D printing technology is not very mature, so its manufacturing accuracy cannot be compared with traditional ultra-precision processing technology.
In short, as far as the current situation is concerned, 3D printing technology is a supplement and improvement to traditional manufacturing technologies such as cutting, casting, forging, and welding. It cannot completely replace traditional manufacturing technologies. In terms of mass manufacturing, it is efficient and low-cost. The traditional subtractive manufacturing method is even better!
But from another aspect, 3D printing technology and CNC machine tools do not necessarily have to fight each other. If 3D printing technology can be integrated into the field of machine tools, it will undoubtedly be even more powerful for CNC machine tools. Not only can the production efficiency be improved, but also many manufacturing problems can be completed. This will also bring a leap-forward development to CNC machine tools!
A truly ideal machine tool should be what the customer wants to build. The degree of numerical control is extremely high, the efficiency is extremely high, and the price is moderate, the production cost is low, it is easy to transport, and combines various advantages. CNC machine tool technology and 3D printing technology Mutual benefit and win-win, complement each other, maybe this is their common spring!