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Jiangsu Province fully implements the enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrade plan

Jiangsu Province fully implements the enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrade plan

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The 11th Plenary Session of the 12th Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee clearly stated that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Jiangsu will implement a plan to upgrade its manufacturing equipment to digitalization and intelligence, and build a number of smart workshops and smart factories. This is not only an important part of building an industrial technological innovation center with global influence and an advanced manufacturing base with international competitiveness, but also can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, comprehensively enhance product competitiveness, increase effective supply capacity, and expand Market demand has pushed Jiangsu's economy to a new level.
1. The necessity and feasibility of implementing the enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrade plan
From the perspective of industrial laws, the current intelligent manufacturing model characterized by the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology is triggering a new round of industrial transformation. From the perspective of production methods, digital, virtual, and intelligent technologies will run through the entire life of products. Cycle: From the perspective of production mode, flexible, networked, and individualized production will become the new trend of manufacturing mode; from the perspective of production organization, globalization, service-oriented, and platform-oriented will become new ways of industrial organization. From the perspective of supply requirements, the current market demand for products is generally not strong, but the supply of products with high added value, complete functions, and cost-effective is in short supply, indicating that market surplus is relative, and product quality, performance, and brand competitiveness are the key. In addition to factors such as R&D and design, the quality and performance of products also depend on the equipment level of the manufactured products. The key to whether R&D and design concepts can be reflected is also the level of equipment. The upgrading of enterprise manufacturing equipment is a supply-side structural reform. An important gripper of From the perspective of basic power, Jiangsu's solid industrial foundation provides conditions for enterprise equipment upgrades. Jiangsu enterprises have made considerable progress in terms of scale, strength, production equipment, and technical level, and they have initially been equipped to realize CNC, intelligent, and networked equipment. The ability to upgrade. At the same time, investment growth has entered a trough period, and the cost of imported advanced equipment is relatively low. This is precisely the time for enterprises to increase their technological transformation and invest in the transformation of manufacturing equipment. From the perspective of corporate practice, since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, many companies in Jiangsu have been one step ahead of others, achieving numerical control, intelligence, and networking of equipment, achieving good development, occupying more markets, and becoming The leader in the industry has achieved both big and strong, with many successful examples. A recent survey of manufacturing enterprises in the province shows that enterprises generally adopt digital design and manufacturing technology. Most enterprises have purchased and equipped with intelligent manufacturing equipment. The level of enterprise intelligent management has a certain foundation, and some enterprises have the initiative to transform and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. Willingness.
2. Clarify the goal and content of the enterprise's manufacturing equipment upgrade
Overall goal: During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, to adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, focus on numerical control, intelligence, and networking, implement digital upgrading and upgrading of manufacturing equipment in the province's enterprises, and promote production methods to be flexible and Intelligent and refined transformation.
According to the scale of enterprises, enterprises above the designated size should focus on enhancing endogenous development momentum, forming integrated innovation advantages and implementing equipment upgrades. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of scale and technology, aim at the world's most advanced numerical control, intelligent, and networked equipment and technologies, and carry out digestion, absorption and innovation. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, enterprises above designated size in the province completed a round of digital upgrading and upgrading of manufacturing equipment, achieving a 100% numerical control rate of core manufacturing equipment in key processes. Small and micro enterprises should focus on accelerating the improvement of scale, quality and efficiency, forming a competitive advantage of "specialization, specialization and newness" to implement equipment upgrades. We should adhere to the differentiated competition strategy, actively adopt advanced technology and equipment, build intelligent manufacturing production lines and intelligent manufacturing units, and seize the high-end links in the industry chain. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, small and micro enterprises with more than 10,000 in the province upgraded their manufacturing equipment to achieve leapfrog development of "small upgrades" and "small upgrades".
Classified by industry type, emerging industries should focus on seizing the commanding heights of industrial development, forming first-mover advantages and implementing equipment upgrades. Enterprises in emerging industries should seize opportunities for simultaneous development, aim at the frontiers of industrial development, and while actively purchasing the world’s most advanced manufacturing equipment, increase R&D investment, concentrate resources on independent research and development, improve the level of research and development of major intelligent equipment, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in technical standards . During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the province's first new set of major equipment will be added 1,000 in emerging industries. Traditional industries should focus on transformation and upgrading, forming efficiency advantages and implementing equipment upgrades. Traditional industrial enterprises mainly focus on reducing manufacturing costs, reducing energy resource consumption, improving product reliability, promoting product upgrading and upgrading, introducing advanced applicable equipment, eliminating outdated and old equipment, expanding advanced production capacity, and eliminating outdated production capacity. At the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the province's traditional industry equipment investment accounted for more than 70%.
According to the upgrade direction, the numerical control of equipment should be based on the innovative application demonstration project of numerical control generation machinery products, adhere to the technical route of "CNC technology intelligent sensor special numerical control system", and develop a batch of numerical control equipment products to improve the overall performance of the equipment. Intelligent equipment should focus on the fields of automobiles, electronics, engineering machinery, CNC processing, food, medicine, etc., and develop a batch of special robots that meet the needs of the industry; actively apply industry-specific software to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and increase investment in intelligent equipment , To accelerate the promotion of intelligent manufacturing. Equipment networking should accelerate the Internet-based transformation in the key parts, unit equipment manufacturing, and system integration of enterprises, promote the popularization of management and control software such as enterprise production execution systems, and establish a public service platform for intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial Internet technology. .
Three, promote the key work of enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrade
Highlight the digital replacement of manufacturing equipment, the intelligent upgrade of production workshops, and the development of the Internet of enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing equipment. One is to organize key core technology research. Build a group of R&D institutions for intelligent manufacturing, focus on key basic materials and core basic components that restrict the improvement of intelligent manufacturing equipment, strengthen research on weak links, strive to break through bottlenecks, strive to master key core technologies, and improve the overall solution capabilities of intelligent manufacturing . The second is to implement the construction of smart manufacturing projects. Focusing on the construction of smart workshops, focusing on the promotion and application of smart manufacturing units-smart workshops-smart factories, we will strive to create a new smart manufacturing model of "equipment interconnection, data interchange, process interaction, and industrial integration". The third is to accelerate the process of manufacturing servitization. Promote the innovative applications of the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Industrial Cloud, and Big Data in industrial product design, manufacturing, operation management, and market services, and expand value-added services for the full life cycle of products. The fourth is to promote the penetration and application of information technology. Promote the integrated and innovative applications of enterprise CAD (computer-aided design), ERP (enterprise resource planning management) and MES (manufacturing execution system), forming a batch of overall solutions for intelligent production control systems.
Fourth, multiple measures are taken to promote the upgrade of enterprise manufacturing equipment
To promote the upgrading of manufacturing equipment for enterprises, it is necessary to use the "invisible hand" of the market to better play the decisive role of the market in allocating resources; it is also necessary to pay attention to the "visible hand" of the government to give full play to planning, fiscal and taxation, The role of credit and other policy environments in promoting equipment upgrades forms an overall synergy of market pull, corporate initiative, and government promotion. One is to formulate an implementation plan. The provinces, cities, and counties must prepare five-year plans for the upgrading of manufacturing equipment, and formulate annual key upgrade plans, and make solid progress by year and by industry, and strive to form a benign pattern of rolling development, and strive for all enterprises during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. Upgrade again. The second is to implement key projects. While continuing to implement 100 key industrial construction projects and 100 key technological transformation projects, the "Double Hundred Project", and enterprise intelligent transformation and upgrading projects, we will release the guidance catalogue for the upgrading of manufacturing equipment for enterprises, and start the implementation of a number of major equipment upgrade projects. Large-scale special support for the upgrading of manufacturing equipment encourages and guides enterprises to carry out equipment transformation and upgrading on a large scale and at a high starting point. The third is to encourage the first set of applications. Carry out the first set of demonstration projects of major intelligent equipment such as high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, 3D printing equipment, and intelligent instruments, and support equipment R&D and production enterprises to create a "benchmark project" for the promotion and application of intelligent equipment in Jiangsu. The fourth is to strengthen policy support. Implementing a series of policies and measures such as Made in China 2025, encouraging technological upgrading and transformation of enterprises, fostering the formation of new supply and new power, and earnestly implementing national value-added tax transformation, tariff reduction and exemption of imported equipment, super deduction of enterprise research and development expenses, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, high-tech Specific policies such as corporate tax incentives, moderate expansion of imports of advanced technology and equipment, integration of various types of special funds at all levels, and greater financial support. The fifth is to create a good environment. Further streamline administration and delegate powers, deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, strengthen the macro guidance for the upgrading of enterprise equipment, and effectively improve service quality and work efficiency. Accelerate reform and innovation, carefully sort out administrative approval items, further standardize project approval and filing behavior, focus on simplifying procedures, and improve efficiency; actively explore and improve chain approval and packaged approval models, and further open up "green channels" for project approval, especially The support for the "zero increase in land" technological transformation project has formed a policy environment conducive to the upgrading of manufacturing equipment for enterprises.