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Recruitment position: FPGA R&D engineer

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Education: Bachelor degree
Major: Electronic major
Gender: unlimited
Age: 22-38
Work experience: more than 2 years of FPGA development experience
Monthly salary: Negotiable
Full-time part-time: Full-time
Validity period: within 1 year
Work location: Nanjing Jiangning
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above
2. More than 2 years of FPGA development experience. Among them, only FPGA development for at least 1 year
3. Familiar with ALTERA, LATTIC development environment
4. Proficient in FPGA debugging and development tools, using tools for timing analysis of designs
5. Have used IP core.
6. Rigorous programming style, strong analytical and judgment ability, and proactive work attitude
7. Integrity, dedication, good team spirit and coordination ability
8. Have experience in embedded system research and development
9. Experience in MAC control using FPGA is preferred
Contact information:
Please send your resume to E-mail: